What My Clients Say


Wondering what it's like to work with me as your health coach? I'll let my clients tell you:

"My husband and I completed the 90-day Program in February 2014. We both entered the program with different goals. I am diabetic and vegetarian and wanted to get better food knowledge to lower my A1C's. My husband has high blood pressure and wanted to lose weight to gain better control of his blood pressure. We were both tentative at the beginning of the program, not really sure what to expect. I tell you what! Shelly's nurturing and knowledge as a health coach far exceeded our expectations. Under Shelly's guidance, we learned how to respect and accept ourselves, how to understand our food relationship, and how to be true disciples to ourselves. Yes, we concentrated on food knowledge in our sessions, but we also learned how other outside forces (i.e. work, family, stress, our backgrounds) affect our well being. Some of our sessions were real eye openers, as we got really deep into our feelings. But, Shelly was very caring and created an environment of trust where we could open up and express those feelings. We also did breathing exercises and learned how to be in tune with how we are feeling at any given moment in the day.

At the end of the program, we were truly changed!

• We lost a combined 30lbs
• My blood glucose is now in the normal range and my A1C has dropped 
• My husband's blood pressure is normal
• We have more energy and are more active
• We are trying more healthy recipes that are surprisingly good! 

The 90-day program is not a diet. It truly is a lifestyle change! Shelly enjoys coaching and her passion comes across in every session. We will forever be grateful to Shelly for investing her time and knowledge in empowering our lives!" -- Nikki and James Harper

"During a dinner outing with Shelly late in 2012, I learned a little bit about her becoming a Holistic Health Coach. After the first of the year and after speaking with Shelly a few more times, my partner and I decided to "give it a shot". I will admit, I was skeptical. I was a former Weight Watchers member that went from 190lbs to 153lbs a few years back. I was an expert, right? WRONG! Plus, my weight is now around 165 lbs, so I thought it could not hurt to listen to what Shelly had to say. I will tell you, it was so much more than I expected. I learned how to really read labels when shopping and that was a huge eye opener! There are items that I pick up but put back on the shelf immediately after reading the label. I also learned a lot about what the big corporations running the food industry do not want us to know. It makes me sad, but it has certainly opened my eyes.

But this whole process is not just about reading labels, it is about your entire life. It's about how your relationships and attitudes affect you in so many ways; including the foods you eat, and why and how you eat them. Shelly is a great teacher because she takes the time to listen to you and really understand why you came to her in the first place. I feel I can now make better, more informed choices and even when I don't, I need to move on and try to be better the next day. 

This whole process is not about restriction, it is really about freedom through knowledge. There are actually so many GOOD food choices out there, I just needed more information. I also needed to realize that how I live my life affects my food choices, so I need to nourish the relationships that are important in my life to nourish my body properly. I credit Shelly with my new outlook on life and food."  --  Lisa Cook

"I became Shelly's client in July, 2012. I came to her for help because I was unhappy with the way I looked and felt. Years of no exercise and eating a lot of the wrong things had finally caught up with me. I never was one to diet - the very word turned me off!

What I liked about Shelly's program was that she presented it not as a diet plan, but as a new way of life. Boy, she wasn't kidding and the wealth of information I received was eye-opening!

I started following her program in July 2012, and by December I had lost 38 pounds. But the best part was how great I feel. I had back/leg pain, arthritis, and always felt bloated. Now ALL that is gone, and I have maintained my weight. I love the new me and I am never going back! Thanks, Shelly, for your support." -- Andrea Idrizovic


"When I first started working with Shelly Ready, I knew SHE believed in what she wanted to teach me. I was 53 years old - I knew how to diet, what foods to eat, how life affected my choices. But, as a friend, I wanted to support her and if I learned something, good for me.

WELL... I knew nothing! First of all, diet is no longer in my vocabulary. I just make better choices. Some of the foods I thought were good for me? Well, not so much. Shelly taught me how to read labels - not just to read, but to understand them and make the best choice in what I put into my body. There is so much sodium hidden in products that I never knew. Now I do, and I make a conscious effort to choose wisely.

If I want something that is not the best choice, she has taught me to really enjoy it and take my time while eating it. Let me tell you, that makes my bad-choice foods that much more enjoyable. I naturally think about it and savor it, instead of just putting it into my mouth and it is gone. That is a major part of what Shelly has taught me. I really enjoy my foods now, instead of just putting something into my mouth because of the time of day. I no longer eat foods - I taste them, feel them, smell them, enjoy them.

Shelly also taught me how the world around me affects all of this: the sun, the rain, the people I work with, live with, love with. She has shown me how to appreciate all of it more. My relationship seems stronger during all of this, and will continue because of the meetings with Shelly that brought my attention to simple, everyday things.

Since I started coaching with Shelly:

• I have lost 25 pounds and counting...
• I have more energy
• I don't need an afternoon nap every day
• I have stopped wheezing during physical exertion at work
• I'm snoring less
• I'm more positive and happier

Shelly is not God, nor a doctor. But she is someone who is very passionate about her teachings, and now has me believing in them, too!"  --  Lauri Mason


"Let me begin by stating that Shelly is my wife of 24 years. As long as I have known her, she has been an advocate for healthy living. As a 58-year-old male who has always tried to maintain a reasonable fitness level by exercising, I wanted to share the amazing results I was able to achieve by incorporating Shelly’s food choices on a daily basis.

For the past 15 years I have carried 175-180 lbs. on a 5’9” frame. I lift weights regularly, enjoy running and have completed two marathons. While I was training for the marathons, my weight dropped to 167 lbs., but returned to the 175 lb. range within a couple of weeks of completing the race. It was not until I changed the way I eat that I was able to obtain and maintain a weight that was right for my body type. I now weigh 160 lbs. and have maintained that weight for over a year. Another benefit is that my cholesterol level dropped from 243 to 193.

As I reflect on all the time and effort spent exercising, it was the changes that I made under the careful guidance and recommendations of my wife that had the most dramatic impact on my weight and overall health. If you are serious about making changes that will lead to a healthier lifestyle and you need someone to show you the way, Shelly should be your choice. You will not find a more passionate and dedicated advocate for your success". -- Jim Ready


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